Attractions & Activities in La Fortuna

Arenal Volcano National Park
The Arenal Conservation Area (Costa Rica National Park) stretches 200,000 hectares along the northern spine of Costa Rica. Walk on the short trails through some young secondary forests and old lava from previous eruptions of the Volcano. These walks are always guided by Rangers so you don’t have to worry about safety. The perfect cone is visible from most anywhere in the area, but if you want a good view of an eruption, your best bet is to overnight in one of the "observatory" type lodges, and stay up late or get up very early.

The Arenal Lake
Enjoy the view of the second largest man made lake in Central America, which is a hydroelectric project that now produces 70% of Costa Rica's electricity. This place has a unique combination of warm fresh water, strong winds and panoramic views and is excellent for windsurfing and lake fishing.

Enjoy the sports and activities offered all year round on the lake, like windsurfing, fishing, boat tours, boat shortcut to the Monteverde Cloud Forest, kayaking, horseback riding and mountain biking along the shore

La Fortuna Waterfall
Walking, taking a taxi or riding a horse are some ways to get to this refreshing waterfall located just 5 km southwest from the center of the town. This 229 feet (70 meters) waterfall is an ideal destiny for nature lovers where travelers can swim on warm days during the dry season.

Canopy Tours and hanging bridges
Experience the adrenaline rush on the canopy tour on the slopes of the Arenal Volcano, walk in the tree-tops on the hanging bridges or just sit, relax and enjoy the panoramic view of the surrounding forest on the aerial tram.

Bungee Jumping
For the adrenaline lovers, La Fortuna offers a different level of adventure - Bungee Jumping. With a 40 meter tower, this place offers water immersion after the fall, a catapult that boost people from the ground toward the sky to enjoy several rebounds that are equal to be bungee pulled several times, and makes people reach up to 100 kilometers per hour!

Hot springs
Among the main attractions of La Fortuna are the natural volcanic hot springs. Get yourself into these relaxing mineral baths surrounded by beautiful nature and warm small waterfalls.

Walking around
In the town, travellers will find a wide variety of restaurants, hotels with panoramic views, excellent transportation service, coffee houses, souvenir shops, clothing stores and bars. On weekends, the night-life in La Fortuna gets very exciting in some of the local bars.