Attractions & Activities in Cahuita

Water Sports
The Caribbean Sea draws many visitors who come to enjoy the sun and engage in water-sports such as diving and snorkelling amid the colourful coral reefs. Surfing and kayaking are also popular in the area.

Cahuita National Park
The Cahuita National Park features 1,067 land hectares and 22.400 marine hectares including white sand beaches shaded by palm trees, a tropical forest and its turquoise water. This National Park is one of the most important and popular conservation areas in the country. It features a wide variety of plants, fauna, coral reefs, many marine ecosystems and an amazing panoramic beauty.

Playa Blanca
Playa Blanca means White Beach in Spanish. It has been called like this for its white sand. Playa Blanca is part of the Cahuita National Park. In one side of this beautiful beach the tide is strong and has big waves ideal for surfing; in the middle is a safer place to swim, next to the Suarez river estuary, and at the other side of Playa Blanca there is a coral reef and a lake. Here, the coral reef is very close and full of marine life which makes this place a good option for scuba diving.

Playa Negra
Playa Negra is a beautiful dark-sand beach. On the north of this beach the waves are strong and the beach is lined by tropical vegetation. And in the south of Playa Negra tourists will find beautiful coral reefs. In Playa Negra, you can enjoy scuba diving, wild-life watching and panoramic views.

Puerto Viejo
Puerto Viejo is the neighboring town of Cahuita. This small town offers a wide variety of hotels, colorful bars and restaurants. Puerto Viejo features white sand beach, coral reefs and a beautiful natural surrounding

Butterfly Garden
Covered with a bamboo roof, visitors don’t get wet very easily during the rainy season. This butterfly garden features a souvenir shop, a small coffee shop, and a lounge area with wooden hand craft furniture.

The Limon Carnival
This important event takes place in Limon every year from October 12 and last one week. This activity represents one of the most important parties in the country, people from all Costa Rica come here to enjoy the concerts, bands, and the dance of the Dragon made for the Chinese community in the area. Local food, lots of people and music is the way Costarricans celebrate this “Culture Day”.