Attractions & Activities in Liberia

Santa Rosa National Park
The Santa Rosa National Park features 37.117 land hectares and 78.000 sea hectares and hosts 155 species of mammals, 253 birds, 100 amphibians and reptiles, and more than 10,000 insects. Its beautiful beaches Nancite and Naranjo, are very important nesting grounds for turtles. This park is also one of the most important historical areas of Costa Rica because it was the scene of one of the independence wars of Costa Rica in 1856.

Rincon de la Vieja Volcano and National Park
Rincon de la Vieja is an active but calmed volcano. It is the largest of five volcanoes that make up the Cordillera de Guanacaste. Situated in the Rincon de la Vieja National Park, it offers trails that lead through cloud forest full of orchids, boiling thermal waters, vapor geysers, and sulfur dioxide and hydrogen sulfide geysers.

Africa Mia Zoo
Africa Mia features over 150 animals. Visitors can enjoy safari on the grounds of this zoo and see native animals like monkeys, rabbits, birds and more. There is also a section with animals that came from Africa such as giraffes, the Giant Eland, endangered species of bongos, warthogs, zebras, ostriches, antelopes, deer, Watusi African cattle and camels.

Guanacaste National Park
Surrounded by the Orosi and The Cacao Volcano, this National Park has a humid forest which features a wide variety of plants such as orchids, bromelias, ferns and mosses.

The Sabanero Museum
This museum has an exhibition of well-worn objects found in the big ranch- houses like old chairs, elaborate whips, irons and several tools that look like instruments of bovine torture.

Beaches near Liberia

Tamarindo Beach
Tamarindo is a popular surfing beach that offers first sailing, surfing, golfing, ATV tours, turtle watching, diving, horseback riding, canopy tours, jungle boat rides, beauty spa, an art gallery and crafts.

Samara Beach
Samara Beach is a beautiful long white sand beach with shallow, gentle waters ideal for swimming and relaxing. Visitors can also rent a boat and sail to the island, ride a horse on the beach, fish or snorkel.

Flamingo Beach
Its white sand beach and blue water, makes this area one of the most beautiful beaches of Costa Rica. Flamingo offers many water sports such as scuba diving or fishing.

Ocotal Beach
Ocotal is a clean calmed beach, named as one of the best places to practice snorkeling in Costa Rica. Its beautiful Island “Cantina” is very close to the coast and it is ideal for scuba diving and swimming.

Hermosa Beach
This beach is one of the cleanest and safest beaches in Costa Rica. Its clean blue waters and white sand beaches are ideal for swimming and relaxing while enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

Walking around
Liberia features an archeology museum, La Agonia church, and a beautiful traditional park, some restaurants, discos, one cinema and shopping malls. There is a local music band that performs on some days on the week at the Liberia's central park.