Attractions & Activities in Montezuma

Water sports

Montezuma, Santa Teresa, Mal Pais, Tambor, Manzanillo and Cabulla are some of the best spots for surfing on the Nicoya Peninsula: large waves, strong tides and panoramic views make this destination an ideal option to enjoy active vacations.

Sea Kayaking
Take a sea kayak trip out to the Cabuya Island which is located at the entrance of the Cabo Blanco National Park and go snorkeling at the reef there where is possible to see whales, which are frequently in these waters.

Scuba Diving in the Tortuga Island
Montezuma to Tortuga Island is only a 50-minute boat ride in the speed boat. The island features a trail that goes up the mountain where visitors can enjoy the awesome view of the Nicoya Gulf and all its islands. Scuba Diving is an unforgettable experience; there are many large fish, rays and turtles in this area.

Other sports

Horseback Riding Tours
If you're looking for an amazing horseback adventure, there are many options. Visitors can ride horses through spectacular beaches, breathtaking waterfalls in some of the most gorgeous scenery in Costa Rica

Zip Lines
Montezuma canopy tours and canopy waterfall tours are a good option for tourists who like adrenaline and nature. This tour follows the Montezuma river and stops by the waterfalls where travelers can swim, take pictures and enjoy the view.

Natural Attractions

Santa Teresa Beach
This beach is renowned worldwide for some of the best surfing in the entire country. The visitor can also enjoy horseback riding, hiking, and canopy tours.

Mal Pais Beach
Mal Pais Beach is a rocky beach with sandy stretches and is covered with sea shells. This beach is an ideal place for surfing. It has consistent waves, good swells and a long beach break.

Tambor Beach
There are many resorts and hotels in this area. Tambor has a lovely, long white sandy beach, and calmed water ideal for swimming. The town is well developed and has its own airport.

Grande Beach
Grande Beach is a nude beach located just thirty minutes north of Montezuma. This small quite beach is also the favorite surf spot and is not accessible in any transportation. The only way to get there is walking. Overnight camping is not allowed, but night hiking is.

Three beautiful waterfalls are located just a 20-minute walk from the town of Montezuma. Of the three waterfalls you’ll pass, only the second falls into a pool deep enough for jumping, and the rocks on its top are very slippery. Caution!

Cabo Blanco National Park
Cabo Blanco was the first National Park established in Costa Rica. Its 1250 hectares of forest are home to hundreds of animal and plant species. It was founded by two Scandinavian immigrants who lived for years in Montezuma, and they were buried there.

Montezuma Butterfly Gardens
Montezuma has a new butterfly garden. Here you can see the amazing 'blue morpho' and other butterflies.

Walking around
Night life is Montezuma is very exciting, the most happening place is Chico's Bar right in the center of Montezuma where all types of are played until late at night. On Saturday mornings locals go to the small organic market where they can buy fruits, vegetables and organic products grown in the area.