Costa Rica's Beaches

Costa Rica offers an almost infinite number of beaches for tourist enjoyment. The coastline has a length of over 1800 km with a never-ending variety of beaches for any possible taste. There are rocky and stony beaches, as well as sandy beaches with white, gray, bluish black, tan, and pink colored sand. These gorgeous beaches make traveling to Costa Rica a memorable experience.

Costa Rica has beaches for everyone. Being at almost the narrowest point of the isthmus of Central America, the Pacific and Caribbean Seas are mere hours apart by car. Both coasts have beautiful, warm beaches, but the Pacific side is much larger, and has a strong dry season. These beaches are ideal for swimming, diving, fishing, surfing and many other water sports.

The Pacific coast has a pleasing mixture of luxury resorts and deserted beaches, and its coast features numerous remote coves, some with jungle lodge accommodations and virgin rain forest backdrops.

The Caribbean coast has more cultural diversity than the Pacific coast. Half of this coastal area is protected by national parks and wildlife refuges, which has slowed development and the building of access roads, making it an especially verdant place to get away from it all.