Biking in Costa Rica

Costa Rica, famous all over the world for its nature and beauty, is now rapidly becoming a prime destination to intrepid mountain bikers. Costa Rica offers "fat-tire" thrills to all levels of ability, weather you are a beginner and prefer to stroll along the easy trails around Lake Arenal enjoying the majestic beauty of this ever erupting volcano, or a daredevil gear-head that prefers the teeth-clattering, eye-watering 75+ Km's per hour down hills of Cerro de la Muerte (Mountain of Death, as it translates). Picture verdant pastures and lush rain forest alongside Costa Rica's biking trails together with smelling the scents of nature and the abundance of species. Wrist numbing down-hills, knee burning up-hills, pristine single tracks combined with rolling countryside hills and spectacular views are some of the elements a mountain biker thrives for. If you add to these elements, active volcanoes, 11.000 feet peaks, incredible biodiversity, numerous microclimates, jungle trails, and cloud forest routes, you have in hand probably the ultimate place for this exciting sport. And a country inhabited by some of the friendliest people on Earth. On knobby-tired bikes, pedal over rugged terrain through several ecological zones, stopping for a break in a remote village or on an inviting beach.