Kayaking in Costa Rica

Sea and whitewater kayaking are one of most low impact ways to enjoy beautiful Costa Rica, and kayaking is also a favorite sport in the country. Costa Rica has hosted several international kayaking tournaments. Ocean kayaking is also rapidly gaining devotees because just about anyone can handle it after a few lessons. When the waves are rolling and easy, it provides a great way to travel quietly to estuaries and mangroves for up-close and personal viewing of wildlife; and when the waves begin to pound, it provides exhilarating sport for those with a taste for wet fun.

Ocean Kayaking in Costa RicaPaddling a kayak on the open ocean can be an exciting way to experience Costa Rica's marine and coastal wonders. Sea kayaking is much easier than river kayaking, and can be done by travelers who have never tried the sport before. A sea kayaking tour is an opportunity to get a close look at the myriad of life below and above the ocean's surface - from flying fish and sea turtles to frigate birds and pelicans - and to explore some hard to reach offshore islands and coastal estuaries.