How to get to Montezuma

By bus:
The best option for getting to Montezuma is catch a bus from the Puntarenas bus terminal in San Jose and head to Puntarenas. Then in Puntareanas, you take a ferry to Paquera and then take a bus from Paquera to Montezuma (the buses are usually waiting for the ferry).

By car:
Drive on the Panamerican Highway #1 towards Puntarenas, get into and through the town of Puntarenas and follow the street signs to reach the Paquera Ferry Boat. Once in Paquera, drive towards Tambor and then to Cobano. In Cobano turn left and follow the signs to Montezuma or continue straight to the Cabo Blanco National Park.

Rent a car:
Driving yourself to Montezuma is quiet easy, but it is recommended to time the ferry. For the best service companies and rates, please fill out our car rental form, and we will find you some good options.

There are short local flights from San Jose and Liberia to Tambor. From Tambor you can wait for the bus to Cobano, or take a taxi to Montezuma.