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Kapi Kapi Tour

Kapi Kapi TourThe tour is an educational and interactive introduction to the centuries-old arts and crafts, rituals and life-style of the Maleku indigenous, living in the North of Costa Rica; Iki, a Maleku craftswoman, welcomes the guests in her language. The guide translates. She gives a brief introduction about indigenous daily life, their traditions and habits. Only 750 Maleku are left and live in 3 villages. Iki is an expert in carving gourds or Jicaros in indigenous language Pupas.
A wonderful indigenous art. Jicaros were originally used as drinking device or as storage “bottle”. Especially women learned to carve artistically animals, themes from nature, spiritual forms and patterns into the surface of the gourds and this art became a true tradition of the Maleku Indigenous people. In ancient times, the carving was done with a sharp stone; nowadays, a little knife is used.
Also Iki invites the guests to carve a jicaro. Not easy, but very inspiring and interesting for the guests. An experience a guest will not forget.
The Kapí Kapí Tour ends with sharing all together a chicha drink (indigenous corn beer) in a gourd. An indigenous chicha drink is fermented drink and has for the Maleku is very high symbolic value. Chicha is only offered to very special guests or visitors. The use and symbolism of chicha goes back to pre-Columbian times.
Before leaving, Iki says goodbye with the century old Kapí Kapí greeting.

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Tour Rates:

Duration: 1 hour
Rates per person:

Minimun of people:
4 participants

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